Frequently Asked Questions  
Q What is all about?
A Our aims are as follows:-

1. To build a global network of commentators and those who broadcast football.

2. By doing so, to open up new lines of communication and enable those in the industry to contact each other and share ideas more easily.

3. To help those in the industry carry out their work as effectively as possble using the latest technology.

Q How do I join?
A On our Home Page, click on the large red REGISTER FREE button, and we'll take you through the simple registration process step by step.

It won't cost a penny to take a look around, and registration only takes a few minutes.

Q How do I get in touch with you?
A If you have any comments or suggestions about the website, please click here to send us an e-mail.

Q Can I access on both a PC and a Mac?
A Yes you can. The site has been designed for optimal use on a PC using the Internet Explorer browser. However, if you use a Mac, we recommend using the Firefox browser which gives the closest possible user experience to IE.

Q What help is available?
A Wherever you are in the website, you're never far away from help. On every screen, just click on Help in the Menu bar, and you'll get detailed information on your current screen to help you find your way around. We'll also be introducing short video tutorials for certain screens to ensure you get the most from the site.

If you need further help, you can e-mail us, and if you have Silver or Gold membership, you can request a callback subject to availability.

Q I've forgotten my password so I've clicked on the appropriate link to request an e-mail from you, but nothing's come through yet. What else do I need to do?
A Most people will receive the e-mail confirming their password almost instantly, but unfortunately, there can be delays in the message getting through.

This is often on the inbound server side to the recipient and something over which we have no control, so please be as patient as possible.
Q How much does it cost?
A We have 3 basic levels of membership:-

BRONZE - This gives you access to our Members' Section and Forums, and the ability to display a Profile. This is FREE*.

SILVER - As with Bronze, but with access to our Data Section, including the ability to create your own Personal Stat Packs. This costs £19pm* but is on SPECIAL OFFER with the first 2 months HALF PRICE.

GOLD - As with Silver, but with enhanced storage space and more advanced Stat Packs. This costs £29pm* but is currently on SPECIAL OFFER with the first 2 months HALF PRICE.

*Prices exclude VAT where applicable. Please see Terms & Conditions.

Q Why should I pay for this service when I can get data from many other sources?
A is much more than just another football statistics website. This is the only website that allows you to store notes in one central place online against both players and teams, as well as providing comprehensive stats on major competitions.

It's also the only website designed specifically for football commentators and broadcasters, to enable them to contact each other, and share thoughts and ideas through their own Forums.

Developing & designing such a unique product is extremely expensive. You only need to look at the price of other software such as Microsoft Office to see the cost runs into hundreds, even though they have millions of customers. However, even though ours is a very small and specialist market by comparison, rather than ask each member for a large one-off payment up front, we felt it was fairer and more affordable to spread the cost for everyone by way of subscription. Many people no doubt pay far more for their TV subscriptions, but here, for the equivalent of around 5 pounds a week, you'll get access to a product that can really help you in your work, week in and week out.
Q How long does a subscription last?
A The minimum length of subscription is 12 months.

Q How long does it take for my subscription to be activated?
A It usually takes up to 48 hours to process your subscription.

Q Can I try Silver or Gold membership before I buy a subscription?
A We often offer a short Free Trial period to new members to let them take a look around at all the features of Silver or Gold membership. If, in due course, you take out a subscription but decide it's not right for you after all, you have a 7 day 'cooling off' period in which you can cancel your subscription.

Q What's the difference between the Silver and Gold Stat Packs?
A The Silver Stat Pack will show your notes on a particular team as well as notes on the players in that team. You are allowed to store up to 10 notes per team and 5 notes per player.

However, the Gold Stat Pack will additionally display the team's latest results, its position in the league table, the latest team formation, trophies won, the most recent head-to-head results, current goalscorers' list and disciplinary record. You are also allowed to store up to 50 notes per team and 20 notes per player.

Q How do I upgrade from Silver to Gold?
A Simply go to the My Account page and click on the appropriate button.

Q What will happen now that VAT in the UK has been reduced from 17.5% to 15%?
A If you pay VAT on your subscription, you will have the difference refunded each time within a calendar month of your payment being made. As you may know, the lowering of the VAT rate is only temporary to the end of 2009 when the rate will revert to 17.5%.

Q How do I cancel my subscription?
A We hope you won't want to, but if you find is not right for you, you can cancel your subscription within the 7 day 'cooling off' period immediately after you take out the subscription. Alternatively, you can give us one month's notice in writing once your initial 12 month period has elapsed. Further information can be found in our Terms & Conditions.
Q What data will I find within the site?
A We offer comprehensive statistics on the English Premier League and a results' service for other leagues in England, France, Germany, Italy, Australia and Spain. We also have information on other major tournaments like the FIFA World Cup and UEFA Champions League.

For the club sides we feature, you'll find team formations, results, match details including line-ups, goals, cards and substitutions, as well as up-to-date squad lists. For each player in those clubs, you'll see their latest appearance record, age, date of birth, position, and nationality.

Amongst other data available, we have results from all top flight matches in England, France, Germany, Italy and Spain since 1996 to enable Head-to-Head searches.

Q How do I change the competitions available to me?
A Simply go to the My Account page (under the PEOPLE tab) and you'll see the My Preferences section.

Simply click to Change your preferences, and tick the competitions you wish to make Active. You can also specify a Default competition which will be the first one displayed in the Data section and don't forget to Save your changes.

All your Active competitions will now be available across the site.

Q I'd like Soccer Commentator to include data on a competition that's not currently featured on the site. Is this possible?
A If you have a requirement for data to be added on any competition we don't currently feature, please contact us to discuss what can be done as our unique database structure gives us flexibility to include any tournament.

Q I think I've spotted an error on the site. How do I get it put right?
A Simply contact us with the details, and we'll be very glad to put it right.

We collate very large amounts of data so mistakes are always possible, but unlike many other sites, we hand-check data to ensure the greatest possible accuracy.

Q Why can't I see any UK fixtures in the Future Matches section?
A Unfortunately, there are strict rules which restrict the publication of future UK fixtures. Companies have to pay a large sum of money for the privilege of publishing them, even though they are widely known, and necessary information for fans and the media in general. Other countries are happy for their fixtures to be available for free to help promote their league and their teams.

Rather than ask you to subsidize this practice, we offer you direct links to the individual fixtures page for each club concerned which opens a new window displaying exactly the same information. So you get exactly what you need, without having to pay extra.

Q The figures for a player's international caps and goals are incorrect. Why is that?
A To keep all the players in the system permanently updated, we'd have to be across every match played by more than 200 national teams and every player involved in those matches (basically every international tournament and friendly going) to keep on top of it which just isn't practical unfortunately.

We do update caps and goals for any featured international tournament though like the World Cup and Euro Finals when there is both the demand and a manageable amount to deal with.

Q Can I get involved with helping maintain data on the site? And do you offer incentives if I do?
A The simple answer is 'yes'! We are always looking for reliable people to help us maintain and improve the data on the site.

Unlike many solely statistic-based websites, we input and check data by hand rather than using automated feeds. Not only is it more cost-effective for our subscribers, it ensures more cross-checking and leads to greater accuracy. You'd be surprised how many mistakes we find elsewhere as a result!

Our team of dedicated people work on the data using the 'Wiki' model whereby everyone contributes for the good of the whole.

We also offer incentives to our data administrators according on their level of involvement, so please contact us if you'd like to find out more.
Q How do I contact other Members?
A Once you have registered, you’ll be able to search our Members' database, and when you find the individual you're looking for, all you have to do is click on the 'Contact this member' button.

We’re also keen to protect your privacy, so even though you send the e-mail, our system ensures your personal e-mail address is NOT divulged, and neither is that of your recipient. It's then up to you whether you specifically give any personal information to the person you are contacting.

Please note that, when replying to any e-mails using this method, you need to click on the link provided WITHIN the e-mail, rather than on a standard e-mail Reply button.

Q Can other commentators see my notes once I've stored them online?
A No. Your notes are private to you, and can only be accessed with your User Name and Password.

Q How do I stop your e-mails appearing in my Spam box?
A We recommend you add us to your Address Book, and include our e-mail addresses beginning with info and support to ensure you receive newsletters or communications from us.

We deliberately don't publish our full e-mail addresses on our site as spammers have the ability to trawl websites for e-mail addresses and then generate unwanted spam.

If you have spam filtering software running on your computer, another tip is to put us in your 'Allowed' group of contacts.
Q When I'm trying to watch the video on the Home Page or the My Account page, the video seems to skip and jump, and it's not very smooth.
A This depends largely on the speed of your internet connection. Unless you are on dial-up or a basic slow broadband package, the video should play smoothly. If you are on a slower connection, try playing the video and letting it run through to the end (it's less than a minute) and then click on the red re-cue button to take it back to the beginning and you may well find the video then plays smoothly.

Q Why do I have a scroll bar at the bottom and down the side of my screen?
A The software is designed to be used with a screen resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels or better. If your resolution is set to 800 x 600, you can alter your screen settings through your computer’s Control Panel, or you have the option of keeping the scroll bars.

More than 75% of users already have the required screen resolution, and that figure is growing as computers become more advanced, and it enables us to give you screens with far more information.
Show Reels
Q What length of Show Reel is allowed?
A Your Show Reel can be up to 30” long, either as Audio or Video, and no more than 1MB.

We’ve kept the duration to a reasonable length to ensure you have enough time to show what you can do, as well as making sure it can be streamed more easily.

Q What file types are acceptable for my Show Reel?
A We recommend an MPEG4 file for video, but suggest you test playing your Show Reel on your own PC before uploading it to the website. That way, you can see whether it’s compatible with different media players.
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